OUT NOW! The Other of One – Book Three

    After finding his home in ruins and its villagers abducted by the infamous Shadows Guild, William returns to the land of myth to rescue them, only to make the shocking discovery that this is no longer the Lythiann he remembered. Nor is he the same person he once was… Finish William’s journey by […]

Short Horror Story (by Brian G. Burke)

“The Ones Outside” By Brian G. Burke Night never bites so cold as it does during an English winter. Rain, with bursts of hail, clatters off the window panes. Even a solicitor’s wealth wasn’t enough to fend off the might of nature’s forces in the old countryside. Winds flew in in rushes, wailing through the cracks of the window frames making Sylvie’s bedside candle […]

The Other of One: Book Two, FREE, June 10th & 11th

  The Other of One: Book Two will be FREE this June 10th & 11th When I released The Other of One: Book Two back in February, I swore (to myself, and publicly) that I’d never give it away in any FREE promos. I figured that, by giving Book One away, it’d be enough for people […]

Why book reviews are so important to me, an indie author.

Hello readers, This is something I thought I’d never do – make a quick video about the value of book reviews. But it’s important to me, so please read on. This isn’t some long-winded spiel that I could just post on Facebook because, in all probability, people wouldn’t read it…and who could blame them. That’s […]

Photos from my Irish TV interview

Hello readers, As some of you may know, Irish TV came out to my house in Athenry, Galway a few weeks ago to interview me about my Irish fantasy novel The Other of One. It was a fun experience. Here are some stills. And if you haven’t seen the interview yet, just click here (my segment is […]

My interview with Irish TV, “Galway County Matters”

Hello readers, Two weeks ago SinĂ©ad and Jimmy Norman, from Irish TV, came out to my home in Athenry to interview me about my book series, The Other of One. We shot, both, in my home and at Athenry castle nearby. This was my first television interview, so I was quite nervous. But, all in all, I […]

Where my Irish fantasy, The Other of One, was born…

Because Paddy’s Day is coming up, I’d like to share with you the place where I spent most of my time dreaming up ideas for The Other of One: Books One and Two. Our very own Connemara, in Ireland’s west, where I had a cottage rented for two whole months. There was no tv, no […]